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We integrate your company's vision and offers directly into the learning process of students. Your content will be delivered to your target group, ensuring strong interest and high engagement rates.

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  • Lots of design options

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Position your company directly in learners' inboxes for maximum visibility of your brand and offering. Users receive one mail per month exclusively from your company.

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  • 91% positive perception

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Reach your StudySmarter target group in their free time via social media and achieve the best possible result with recurring touchpoints.

  • High engagement with over 2% click-through rates
  • All important social media channels represented
  • Perfect hits through lookalike audiences

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in a learning app when I have a larger outreach on social media channels such as TikTok or Instagram?

On social media channels, you don't know what educational background the users have. Therefore, you don't know whether your message is really received by the contacts relevant to you. The consequences of this include very high scattering loss and unnecessary media spending. With StudySmarter, you can tailor your target group from a variety of targeting options and display your content only to interested users. As a result, you achieve much higher engagement and a high level of interest in your content from the target group.

How many students will apply to our positions using StudySmarter?

It is not possible to draw direct conclusions on which students are applying through StudySmarter: In all channels, we link you to your specific career page where the students can then apply. With StudySmarter, you can strengthen your employer brand in the long term and achieve short-term success in filling vacancies with increased attention to your seasonal peaks. Since users don't remember where they saw the job advertisement (first) and we cannot influence the attractiveness of the advertised position, recording the number of applications afterwards usually leads to falsified results about the success of a campaign. What we record are the click rates and thus the number of hits on the stored career page. In this way, direct conclusions can be drawn about the performance and success of the campaign.

How about 'learn ad-free'?

Of course, we calculate this user share out of your target group who 'learn ad-free'. The proportion is very small because our users can fully use StudySmarter free of charge. To ensure that this continues to be the case, we are positioning our partners in the field of education and careers as a promoter of digital education.

How do students become aware of StudySmarter? Which schools do you co-operate with?

We do not co-operate directly with schools because such co-operation with private companies in Germany is strictly regulated for each individual school. The users get to know StudySmarter through our search engine optimisation. Due to more than 80 million different learning contents on all education-related topics in schools and universities, learners from all disciplines can find us. On the other hand, our users can form study groups with their fellow students on StudySmarter by inviting them to their learning set via email to their private mailbox. If the respective student is not yet registered on StudySmarter, they will be invited to register at the same time. This creates a very large network effect.