Constructivism is considered part of the cognitive revolution, an intellectual movement that began in the 1950s as a response to traditional behaviour theories. Whereas behaviourist theorists view learning as a passive process, cognitive theorists believe that learners play an active role in constructing their own knowledge. In other words, learners must actively engage in the learning experience to retain information and construct knowledge.

Constructivism Constructivism

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Table of contents
    Frequently Asked Questions about Constructivism

    What is constructivism?

    Constructivism is an educational theory that states learners construct new meanings and understanding by integrating new information with prior knowledge. Constructivist theorists recognize the importance of social interaction and context in the learning process.

    What are the main principles of constructivism?

    Here are the main principles of constructivism:

    • Knowledge is actively constructed.
    • Learning is an individual and social process.
    • Learning is an organizational process - meaning new knowledge is assimilated with old knowledge to construct new meanings and understandings.
    • Learning is socially situated and is enhanced through meaningful context.
    • Language plays an essential role in learning as the sharing of knowledge happens through communication.

    What are the benefits of constructivism?

    Some benefits of constructivism include:

    • It encourages students to think critically and autonomously. 
    • It's a student-centered approach to learning. 
    • It is an active and engaging teaching method.
    • It promotes creativity.

    What are the types of constructivism?

    The main theories within constructivism include Jean Piaget's Cognitive Constructivism, John Dewey's Cognitive Constructivism, Lev Vygotsky's Social Constructivism, and Bruner's Constructivist Learning Theory.

    What is an example of constructivism?

    An example of constructivism in the classroom is the discovery learning method of teaching. Students are encouraged to draw upon their past experiences, discuss possible solutions, and explore their surroundings to find a solution together. 

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    Constructivism is considered part of the cognitive revolution, true or false?

    Who is considered the pioneer of constructivism?

    Who created the social constructivist theory?


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