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Study Playlist – Best Music for Concentration

Homework mounting and tests and exams looming? It's high time you sat down and started studying, but you just can’t concentrate? If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time to change your tactics and try some study playlists. When the academic going gets tough, listening to music for better concentration is a life-saver. Today, we will offer some good study playlists to help you focus.

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Mozart or Beethoven Playlist for Studying?

Ever heard of the Mozart effect? Listening to classical music can boost your ability to focus and memorise things. Soon-to-be mums play it to their unborn babies, pets find it soothing, and even plants thrive under its influence. So why shouldn’t students capitalise on these benefits?! While Mozart and Beethoven will certainly inspire better academic performance, there is a wide variety of musical genres that can help you study.

Making a Good Playlist – Tips and Tricks

  • Go for the classics. There is some truth to every urban legend, and complex classical music is shown to stimulate information retention by activating various functions of your brain. Mozart and Beethoven’s sonatas should be your starting point, as they are pleasant to listen to. (If you want to feel like a supervillain planning to conquer the world, I suggest Wagner.)
  • Choose simple, moderate tempos. Slower, more subdued melodies are less likely to distract you when studying because they comfortably fade into the background as you direct your attention towards your tasks.
  • Avoid music with lyrics – especially your favourites. Be honest with yourself; listening to your favourite songs while concentrating on your textbook can only lead to a bedroom solo concert. Let’s face it; your teachers will not appreciate that excuse, even if you sing as well as Idina Menzel when she really lets it go. Diverting attention to lyrics greatly diminishes text comprehension and reduces your ability to remember things.
  •  Choose low-beat electronic music if classics are not for you. We’ve all seen that girl on Lofi videos, and by now, she must have passed all her exams, and so can you. Pick some of the popular YouTube Lofi Girl mixes to get you through your hurdles.

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Fun Playlists for Studying – Internet Is Your Friend

You should have your playlist ready before you are supposed to start studying. In a world with billions of songs available (thank you, Spotify and YouTube), it’s easy to get lost. Instead of wasting your time when you should be working, you can use some of the existing playlists until you learn what works best for you to start making your own compilations.

1.   Find Good Study Playlists on Spotify

Who doesn’t have Spotify nowadays? But did you know it has some amazing study playlists to get you through your backlog?

  • Intense Studying – Take the bit between your teeth and the notes between your ears.

This playlist has 227 songs and spans over ten hours. It is piano-based, and its moderate tempo will keep you sharp and focused without distracting you. The calming tones will help you concentrate and reduce your stress levels, making your study session that much more effective!

Jazz was the buzzword of the ‘roaring twenties’, wasn’t it? Since we are in our own roaring twenties now, why not bring back some of that jazz glory and learn two things at once: your subject and some new tones. This playlist is predominantly piano-based, more smooth than ragged, with gentle percussive whispers that sound like soothing waves. It even accounts for your coffee break with the song of the same title!

study playlist - studysmarter magazine

  • Preparing for an all-nighter? Try this music for concentration.

So, you admit it, you haven’t been diligent enough and are facing the prospect of studying all night? When you study, you maintain and manipulate a good deal of working memory. Music from this playlist can get you in the right state of mind, boost your mood, and stimulate your brain to retain information. Most importantly, its compositions will not distract you during your study crunch.

Whether you need someone to ‘wake you up’ or want to ‘set fire to the rain’ (hopefully not your textbooks), this playlist has got your back. It offers an impressive collection of pop songs performed by various string quartets. That being said, there are no lyrics to distract you, but if you’re a music lover and cannot help grabbing that hairbrush and playing your air guitar, I suggest using this playlist when doing somewhat dull tasks (like copying notes, practising C programming, and revising materials you already know well).

Music boosts your concentration

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2.   Try 8tracks Study Playlists

If you’re looking for ambient music to inspire and encourage you, 8tracks is the place to go. This website offers a bunch of combinations of background sounds set to create the specific atmosphere you’re looking for.

If Hogwarts is not an absolute dream study place, I don’t know what is. Fire crackling, the rain pattering against the windows, and an occasional ghost whooshing by – this playlist will give you the exact magical school feel!

Space opera full of lightsabers, hand-waving mind tricks, and the mysterious Force to be reckoned with – sign me up! With this playlist, you will feel like the leader of the rebellion, fighting against the army of mathematical equations and foreign language exercises. With music like this in the background, they will be just like Stormtroopers, too – easy to defeat!

A bit of tough love cannot hurt, and we all need it sometimes. This study playlist attacks your senses, trains your grey cells, and builds your working memory. Who says exercise is only in the gym?

3.   Make Your Own Study Playlist and Make It Work for You

Listening to music for concentration is one of the most beloved ways to get yourself into a busy-bee mood. Music is sure to improve your mood and ramp up your learning abilities if you find the right tracks. Remember the key features of a good study playlist:

1.   Classical music is a safe bet.

2.   Choose slow songs and medium to low volume.

3.   Make sure there are no lyrics.

Ultimately, yes, study music does work for many people. Try it out and see if you’re among them. If you find yourself craving silence, go for it, too!

study playlist - studysmarter magazine

A Final Word on Study Playlists. And Yes, Even K-Pop Music for Studying

If you are still wondering what the best study playlist is, it is the one that will definitely get you to study.

  • Want to feel like a hero of an adventure movie? 8tracks is your best friend.
  • Craving cozy cafe atmosphere at home? Spotify’s got it.
  • Can’t live without K-Pop? Do try it. (Sure, it has lyrics, but I bet many of us don’t understand a word, so it’s difficult to sing along to. However, if you find yourself ogling BTS members, maybe a K-Pop study playlist works better during breaks to keep you motivated and engaged)

Play around with different styles and genres, and good luck!

Study Playlist: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best study playlist?

Here are some of the best study playlists: Intense Studying Playlist - Spotify; Jazz in the Background - Spotify; Study Mix (No Lyrics) - Spotify; Hogwarts Ambience Music - 8tracks.

What music helps you focus and study?

Classical music, most notably Mozart and Beethoven, are proven to help productivity. Music without lyrics and fast-paced, loud instruments is generally the best choice to help you focus and study.

Does study music work?

Study music works for many people when they are performing different tasks. It enhances memorisation; boosts people’s mood; and inspires greater concentration, comprehension, and creativity.

What makes a good study playlist?

Best study playlists are usually in moderate tempos, without lyrics and not too loud – enough to provide some background music without distracting you. Classical music is said to be among the best choices as its complex notation stimulates the brain to retain information.

How do I make a playlist for studying?

Understand what kind of music helps you study. Classical, piano-based, moderate music is the most stimulating and motivating instrumental background for studying. Check out Mozart, Beethoven, or Chopin’s sonatas and make a compilation. Also, take a look at our list of best Spotify and 8tracks playlists for improved concentration.