Online marketing

Nowadays, most companies adopt some forms and channels of online marketing in their business operations. What are the reasons behind this shift? Which are the most effective online marketing strategies for business growth? Get to the bottom of this article, and you will find the answers to these questions and much more!

Online marketing Online marketing

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Table of contents

    Online Marketing Definition

    Marketing that takes place over the internet and uses mediums such as corporate websites, online advertising and promotions, email marketing, online video, and blogs is called online marketing.

    The basic objective of online marketing is to connect with prospective clients by focusing on the online locations where they spend most of their time (e.g., searching, shopping, and using social media).

    Online marketing refers to any strategy, technique, or instrument based on the internet and is used to raise awareness of a company's brand and the goods or services it offers.

    These days, a significant portion of commercial activity all over the globe takes place on digital networks, which link individuals and businesses. Customers' conceptions of convenience, speed, pricing, product knowledge, service, and brand interactions have been radically transformed due to the advent of the digital age.

    Consequently, it has provided marketers with an entirely new method to provide value for consumers, engage customers, and form connections with customers.

    When it comes to online marketing, businesses have access to a wide variety of tactics at their disposal, such as search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and pay-per-click commercials.

    All these channels allow companies to access broad audiences they can market their products to.

    Online marketing is different from conventional marketing in many ways. The fundamental distinction between these two sorts of marketing is that traditional marketing often solely aims to boost sales. However, online marketing frequently makes an effort to provide something of value to the people who consume its content.

    A blog post that informs viewers and prospective customers on the significance of using non-toxic cleaning materials is an example of web marketing that might be used by a firm that manufactures cleaning supplies.

    An example of conventional marketing would be placing an advertisement in a newspaper encouraging readers to purchase the cleaning product.

    Types of Online Marketing

    The main types of online marketing include websites and branded web communities, online advertising, email marketing, online videos, blogs, and social media.

    Websites and branded web communities

    Most companies initiate their online marketing with a website. Website aim and content differ. Some websites are meant to engage consumers and guide them toward purchasing or other marketing objectives.

    The primary aim of website marketing is to give promotional messages and prices to consumers.

    Hyundai is such an example. Hyundai spends little time attempting to transform a prospective customer's inquiry into a sale and subsequently a long-term connection. Hyundai's site has a promotional message, which offers detailed information about Hyundai models, the trade-in value of your car, dealer locations, etc.

    There are also branded web communities.

    Brand community websites present brand content and aim to develop a community around the brand.

    Online advertising

    Online advertising has grown to become a significant part of the promotional landscape.

    Because customers are spending an increasing amount of time online, businesses are allocating a greater portion of their marketing budgets to online advertising to boost sales of their brands or increase site visitors to their mobile, desktop, and social media websites.

    Email marketing

    The use of email marketing as a digital marketing strategy is still very essential and is expanding. The use of email marketing is growing.

    Email, if used correctly, has the potential to be the most effective type of online marketing. Companies are trying to create innovative emails that keep users interacting and engaged.

    Today's emails are nothing like the dull, text-only communications that were common in the past. Instead, they are vibrant, warm, and welcoming and have interactive elements. It gives advertisers the ability to deliver highly targeted, highly personalized communications and establish relationships.

    Online videos

    Posting digital video material on brand websites or social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, and other similar sites is a different kind of internet marketing that may be done.

    Some videos by different companies are tailed solely to social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok.

    Instructional "how-to" films, public relations pieces, promotional videos for brands, and entertainment content relating to brands are all examples of this kind of video.

    One of the main aims of online videos is to go viral.

    Viral marketing is the digital version of word-of-mouth marketing, which urges customers to keep sharing the video with their friends and family. This gives a company the ability to market to a vast audience effortlessly.

    Because consumers discover and spread the information on their own, viral marketing can happen at every little cost. The likelihood of a receiver seeing or reading material that a friend sent has significantly increased.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing is perhaps one of the most significant types of online marketing.

    Social media refers to independent and commercial online platforms where people come together to socialize and share messages, pictures, and videos.

    Social media marketing is the marketing that is conducted on social media platforms.

    In 2021, global social media advertising was valued at slightly over 18 billion dollars1. Companies choose to conduct marketing on social media platforms because of the audience and the people they can access.

    Online Marketing Channels

    Online marketing channels companies can use include:

    1. Websites

    2. Email

    3. Social Media

    4. Organic Search (SEO)

    5. Mobile

    6. Display ads

    Online Marketing Strategy

    There are various types of online marketing strategies. A business needs to develop its online marketing strategy based on the product or services it is offering.

    Using social media for marketing purposes is one common online marketing strategy. Social media platforms enable businesses to communicate with potential customers in a variety of different ways. Businesses may use these channels to send paid advertisements as well as content that is sponsored.

    Each platform provides marketing teams with a means through which they can establish paid advertising campaigns and segment users to ensure that these adverts show in the feeds of members of the intended demographic.

    Even while every platform is unique, most of them contain features that enable marketing teams to position advertisements depending on factors such as geography, job title, hobbies, age, etc.

    Influencer marketing is another efficient strategy that can be used to leverage digital media to reach certain audiences.

    Influencer marketing is an option for brands to partner with celebrities, websites, or other entities that are regarded as experts in their industry and that share similar core values.

    The following of these influencers are thus open to receiving sponsored material and offers from companies. Most marketers believe that influencer marketing is on par with or even more effective than other strategies.

    Binance, a worldwide cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that it has formed a partnership with Khaby Lame, an Italian-Senegalese creative who rose to celebrity due to the popularity of his TikTok videos. Khaby Lame will serve as a global brand ambassador for Binance.

    Online Marketing Benefits

    Online marketing benefits are huge. Some main online marketing benefits include Low cost, data analytics, demographic targeting, and convenience.

    Low cost

    Online marketing allows businesses to generate advertisements that are attractive to large audiences for a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising expenditures.

    Numerous advertising platforms also create scalable advertisements tailored to various degrees of audience reach, depending on the available advertising funds. Smaller businesses don't need to devote significant money to advertising to expand their customer base. All they need to do is invest a small amount.

    Some businesses may even grow organically without allocating a budget to paid ads.

    Data analytics

    The generation of accurate statistical findings is made easier at no additional expense. Numerous advertising products have their own analytics platforms, on which any data may be tidily arranged and analyzed. Both data-driven decision-making and initiatives to improve business intelligence are made easier as a result.

    Businesses can look at which products generate higher clicks and impressions and adjust their production accordingly.

    Demographic targeting

    A consumer population can be demographically targeted in a manner that is much more successful when done online than offline. In conjunction with the enhanced possibilities for data analytics discussed above, businesses can enhance their targeting over time, get a better knowledge of their consumer base, and devise unique offers that are limited to certain demographics.


    Customers can use a company's website or other online resources to get the answers to questions they have and to directly purchase services or products rather than going into a store to ask about a company's services or purchase products.

    This saves customers the trouble of going into a store to buy a product. Customers will have an easier time turning to a company for the items or services they need, which will improve the conversion rate.

    Online marketing - Key takeaways

    • Online marketing refers to any strategy, technique, or instrument that is based on the internet and used for marketing purposes.
    • The main types of online marketing include websites and branded web communities, online advertising, email marketing, online videos, blogs, and social media.
    • Some of the main online marketing benefits include Low cost, data analytics, demographic targeting, and convenience.
    • Social media marketing is the marketing that is conducted on social media platforms.
    • Companies can use online marketing channels: Websites, email, social media, organic search (SEO), mobile, display ads, etc.


    1. Social media advertising spending worldwide, Statista,

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