Not all businesses have the mindset of maximising their profits. For instance, most government organisations and charities do not aim to bring in as much revenue as possible. These organisations earn revenue but do not pay any of it to the owners. Instead, not-for-profit organisations tend to focus on social objectives rather than monetary ones.

Non-Profit Non-Profit

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    Non-Profit Non-Profit
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Non-Profit

    What is a non-profit organization?

    The non-profit organisations earn revenue but do not pay any of it to the owners. These are separate legal entities.

    What is a non-profit?

    The non-profit organisations earn revenue but do not pay any of it to the owners. These organisations operate for social causes and not to earn profits.

    Can non-profits pay volunteers?

    Volunteers work for the cause and the work is mostly unpaid apart from operational costs.

    How does a non-profit work? 

    A non-profit organisation focuses on a specific social cause. They use their revenues to pursue a social cause, donate the money to a social objective, pay for the costs of their operations, and advocate for their cause. 

    Test your knowledge with multiple choice flashcards

    Which of the following statements about non-profit organizations is true?They do not make any profits. Stakeholders are not involved in the business. They do not distribute profits. They can only be established as hobbies. 

    Which of the following statements about co-operatives is false?They are run for the benefit of the government.Co-operative are a common type of mutual business. Co-operatives must represent social responsibility. Co-operatives are run by members who each have a say in the management of the business.

    Which one of the following does not make up one of the ethical values ​​of a co-operative?Honesty Social responsibility AdaptabilityOpenness

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