Separate vs Seperate

This explanation is all about the correct spelling of the word separate. This English word is misspelt quite often. But what is the meaning of separate? And are there any synonyms you can use if you are no longer sure whether it means separate or seperate?

Separate vs Seperate Separate vs Seperate

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Table of contents

    Meaning of separate

    The meaning of the word separate is to be apart, divided, or distinct from something else. It refers to things or entities that are not connected or combined with each other.

    The English word separate is derived from the Latin word separatus, which is the past participle of the verb 'separare.' In Latin, 'separare' means to set apart, to divide, or to isolate. The word is composed of two elements: 'se,' meaning 'apart,' and 'parare,' meaning 'to prepare' or 'to arrange.' Therefore, the Latin root suggests the idea of arranging or preparing something to be apart or distinct from others.

    Over time, the Latin word 'separatus' made its way into Middle English as 'separat,' and eventually evolved into the modern English adjective 'separate.' Separate transforms into various forms such as separated, separately or individually. You use the word to express that something is independent, separate or distinct from other things or people.

    Look at these example sentences:

    The guests arrived in two separate locations.

    The cost of travel and accommodation must be paid separately.

    The correct spelling of separate

    Have you ever got confused when writing the word 'separate' and written 'seperate' first? It's a common slip-up, but let's be honest, 'seperate' just doesn't look quite right, does it?

    According to the English dictionary, the correct spelling is actually 'separate.' In fact, it's listed as one of those tricky words that can cause spelling difficulties in English grammar. So, don't worry if you've stumbled upon this spelling challenge before. Many others have too!

    If you're looking for some guidance to remember the correct spelling of 'separate,' here are a few tips you can keep in mind:

    1. Recall the Latin origin of the word. The Latin word 'separatus' contains an 'a' and not an 'e.'

    2. Create a mnemonic device or phrase to help you remember the correct spelling. For example, you could think of 'Separated like an A, not like an E.'

    3. Practice writing the word in example sentences to reinforce the correct spelling.

    Synonym for separate

    There are several synonyms for the word 'separate', i.e. words that mean something similar. See the following table for example sentences:

    Synonym for separate
    separatedThe children's bedrooms are separate from each other so that the children can study undisturbed.
    independentEach employee works independently on his or her own project.
    individualThe coaches create individual training plans for each athlete.
    isolatedThe researchers examine the samples in isolated laboratories.

    You can also use 'extra' or 'shared' as synonyms.

    Separate examples

    To illustrate the use and meaning of the word 'separate' in English grammar, here are some more examples:

    The bills must be paid separately.

    Please send me the documents separately by e-mail.

    The students were divided into groups and supervised separately.

    The books were separated by genre and colour.

    The coffee maker and kettle are sold separately.

    The laundry should be separated by colour and washed separately.

    Separate vs Seperate - Key takeaways

    • The meaning of separate comes from the Latin seperatus
    • Synonym for 'separate' is extra, separate, independent, isolated, distinct, individual

    • According to the dictionary, the correct spelling is 'separate'. Simply explained: one e, two a

    • Separate examples:

      • The bills must be paid separately.

      • Please send me the documents separately by e-mail.

      • The students were divided into groups and supervised separately

    Separate vs Seperate Separate vs Seperate
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Separate vs Seperate

    Is separate or seperate the correct spelling in English? 

    Separate is the correct spelling in English. Seperate is a common misspelling. 

     What does separate mean in English? 

    Separate can serve as a verb, adjective, or noun. As a verb, it means to move or keep things apart; as an adjective, it describes things that are distinct or detached from each other; as a noun, it refers to things that are not joined or grouped with others. 

    Can I use seperate in any context in English? 

    No, seperate is not recognized as a correct spelling in English. The correct spelling to use in all contexts is separate.

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