River Landforms

Rivers are quite cool, right? They are fast-flowing, powerful bodies of water and are stunning to look at. All along a river are different landforms that make it distinct from the last section of the river you looked at. This explanation will describe to you the geography definition of river landforms, different formation of river landforms, river landform examples, and a diagram of river landforms. Settle in because you are about to discover what makes rivers so magnificent to look at.

River Landforms River Landforms

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Table of contents
    Frequently Asked Questions about River Landforms

    What landforms are formed by river deposition? 

    Floodplains, levees and estuaries are formed by river deposition.

    How do rivers create new landforms? 

    Rivers create new landforms through erosion and deposition.

    What are the river processes?

    River processes are erosion and deposition. Erosion is the breakdown of material and deposition is the dropping of material.

    What is a meander landform? 

    A meander landform is formed by erosion and deposition. It is a bend in the river. At the outer, fast flowing edge of a river, where the water is deeper and high in energy, erosion takes place. At the inner edge where the water is shallow and low in energy, the sediment is deposited, forming a meander. 

    What rivers have V shaped valleys? 

    Many rivers have a V-shaped valley, such as The River Tees and the River Severn.

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    Which of the following is not a type of erosion?

    Are rainwater and rivers slightly alkaline or slightly acidic?

    Out of saltation and suspension, which process involves smaller particles?

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