Relativistic Mass and Energy

Mass and energy are related quantities that we can respectively convert to the other by using the speed of lightIn physics, mass is considered to be a form of energy because the mass of a particle can be converted into other forms of energy such as thermal energy, kinetic energy, etc. In the same way, kinetic energy or radiant energy can form particles with mass.

Relativistic Mass and Energy Relativistic Mass and Energy

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Table of contents
    Frequently Asked Questions about Relativistic Mass and Energy

    How is mass related to energy?

    Mass can be converted into energy and vice versa. The relation between mass and energy based on Einstein’s famous equation is E = mc ^ 2.

    Does the law of conservation apply to mass and energy?

    Yes, it does. When mass converts into energy or vice versa, the total energy is conserved. 

    How is mass a form of energy?

    The concept that explains mass being a form of energy is rest energy. When an object has the velocity of zero, it has a rest energy that is directly proportional to its mass.

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     What is the rest energy of a 2.5-gram mass in Joules?

    Which of the following is the reason we don’t notice a change in mass when stored energy increases?

     Which of the following explains the relationship between mass and energy?


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