Revision Apps – Top Revision Apps to Help You Prepare for Any Exam

A Levels or GCSEs coming up? Or maybe just university tests and exams? Learning and preparing is only one part of the process, but how will you revise your materials? Without wanting to cause any further anxiety, we’re jumping right into today’s issue: the best revision apps!

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Revision Time! Dropping Some Real Knowledge

After you’ve finally found your motivation, made a good study plan, and even crammed effectively for your exams, it’s time to get back to the top and revise it all. Sigh. This can seem like tedious work, but revision is a major part of the learning process. If you don’t revise regularly, you’ll forget minor details (especially years, names, numbers, and data). They don’t say the devil’s in the details for nothing, and sometimes these titbits tend to dictate the understanding of the whole concept (especially in maths, physics, and chemistry)

Revision is super important for several reasons:

  • it helps you reduce pre-exam anxiety
  • revision gives you a good estimate of how well you know the subject and what you still need to work on
  • it solidifies what you’ve learnt
  • Bonus! Revision prevents those pesky brain freezes in the middle of a test and improves your overall performance

Revision takes much less time than learning something for the first time, and you can do it even more effectively by being organised and resourceful.

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Best Free Revision Apps – Why You Should Choose StudySmarter

Looking for the best revision apps to help you ace your exams? Check out these top picks:

  • StudySmarter- create digital flashcards and quizzes for any subject and access thousands of free educational resources
  • Forest – stay focused and avoid distractions with this productivity app
  • Grammarly – improve your writing and grammar skills with this editing tool
  • Evernote – take and organise notes easily

There are tons of apps you can turn to in order to boost your revision and achieve academic success, but we’re bringing you the ones we’d give our Study Awards to.

#1 The best free revision app: StudySmarter

StudySmarter offers a user-friendly, eye-catching interface that lets you create flashcards and notes. This free learning platform gives you access to study sets (explanations, FAQs, and flashcards) created specifically with your exams and subjects in mind. All educational study sets are written by experts and have been curated not to bore you to death.

You can create your own study tools and share them with the StudySmarter community (the app offers seriously cool features, like auto-summaries of your notes, statistics to track your progress, and gamification to motivate you to study). You can also enjoy various articles on student life, well-being, and free time. Android | iOS

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#2 Forest

Forest is an app intended to keep you away from your phone when you should be studying. It plants a digital tree for you and sends you off on your task. The thing is that this app knows when you’re not doing it because your tree dies if you exit the app and descend into one of the nine circles of procrastination – social media scrolling. The app has an integrated timer that you can set to the Pomodoro technique or assign your own times for studying.

#3 Grammarly

Want to elevate your writing? Grammarly is your answer! Grammarly is an exceptional writing assistant tool that helps improve writing skills. It’s easy to use and offers suggestions for sentence structure, vocabulary, and tone. Added bonus: it’s remarkably user-friendly and gives pretty accurate feedback.

#4 Evernote

If you’ve lost your notes (again) because you’ve written them in an odd notebook you never use, you might want to consider migrating into digital note-taking, especially since you’re less likely to forget your phone and laptop than your notes. Evernote is one of those chart-busting apps that lets you take multiple notes at the same time, arrange them, and add links, videos, and PDFs. It also helps you organise your subject in a way that works for you.


Check Out These GCSE Revision App Hits

GCSEs are designed to test your knowledge of specific subjects. They can be academically challenging but should not be the reason for you panicking and losing sleep – everything you need to know has already been covered in class, and you only need to revise it. Some of these helpful apps could be just the thing you’re looking for.

  1. StudySmarter! The free app contains an excellent selection of subject-based materials, study sets and flashcards to make your learning easy and fun!
  2. GCSE Pod. This app covers every subject and allows teachers and parents to get involved and help you out. It aims to guide you through building functional skills in addition to learning your subject matter.
  3. GCSE Maths Super Edition Lite. Is it just a meme that everyone struggles with maths? If you’re a whizz-kid, you can skip this one, but the rest of us might find it useful. As the name suggests, this one is specifically focused on maths and covers everything from arithmetic to geometry with a fine selection of quizzes that simulate the exam.
  4. Temple GCSE. This is an interactive temple-building app. To get started, you lay the foundation of your temple through questions, tests, and assessments. As your learning progresses, the structure will follow suit. It’s been designed by professors with GCSE exams in mind, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when the day comes.
  5. BBC Bitesize. This app is a lovely base of knowledge on all subjects you may need to pass. It’s divided into chapters you can interact with and is searchable by keywords. As a result, you have an easy-to-navigate base of information cut into bite-size pieces that won’t hurt your brain.

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A Level Revision Apps – Get Your School-Leaving Qualification

A Levels probably look frightful from where you’re standing right now, but from the other side, they probably won’t be that difficult. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t study, though. Here are some apps specifically curated to help you out through your first major examination.

  1. StudySmarter. The app is geared primarily towards students just about to embark on their big academic journey. Apart from tons of explanations and articles, the app has a series of prep tests and flashcards at your disposal.
  2. Gojimo. You probably know this one as it’s one of the most popular and effective A Level and GCSE apps out there. This little wonder offers more than 40,000 quizzes, questions, and practice tests across all subjects, which you can even download and use offline. It even tracks your progress and charts your strengths and weaknesses, indicating what you still need to work on.
  3. KeyCards. This one is aimed specifically at sciences and is brimming with flashcards, quizzes, and exclusive materials for exams (by that I mean 2022 included!). You can swipe through the homepage and download the application that has the best features for you specifically.
  4. GoStudent. This one is a bit different, and it’s a sort of a knowledge-on-demand basis for those subjects in which you need additional help. You can seek out tutors and specify what you would like to work on, and their offers range from exam prep and homework help to revision. The rates are fairly decent, given that lessons are tailored to your personal preferences and needs.

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Best Revision Apps for University Students

Dear university students, this is a selection of useful apps for revision, motivation, planning, and even rest. Studying is not all about grinding day and night; it’s supposed to be a balanced act, or you risk burning out. Check out our mixed bag of suggestions and, as always, take what works for you.

  1. MindMeister. Finally, mind maps! Mind maps are incredibly effective and versatile when it comes to revision. All you need is the main concept in the middle and branches leading to subconcepts and ideas where you may add examples and explanations. MindMeister is a great tool for creating digital mind maps, annotating them, and summoning them wherever you are.
  2. Memrise. If you’re a prolific language learner or aspire to learn a few phrases before you travel abroad, this app is great. You can use it offline too to practise your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. It is designed to promote memorisation (because, alas, vocabulary has to be learnt by heart) and revision.
  3. Zombies, Run! Well, what are you waiting for??? Study breaks are as important as studying itself. They can freshen you up, help consolidate knowledge, and motivate you to work harder when you hit the books again. Instead of staring at your phone, you can do a simple exercise when you take a break. This app will alert you to zombies and get you to move in your breaks!

Stay tuned, yours truly, StudySmarter is creating some mind-blowing revision materials for university students! Sign up for free so as not to miss any new materials in our app!

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Are Free Revision Apps Good Revision Apps? A Thought of Our Own

In the long list provided here, many apps are free to use, and we love ’em for it. Choosing a good revision app solely depends on what you might need to get you going. If you are careful with your money, you can purchase an app that will motivate you to use it regularly. Otherwise, your determination is the key to learning, and all these apps are only a tool.

There is no reason why free apps shouldn’t be good.

Most educational apps are:

  • devised by experts
  • proofed by people with relevant experience
  • made user-friendly
  • user-focused
  • a breath of fresh air when traditional learning doesn’t cut it anymore

With that said, a toast to your study, to your exams, from your StudySmarter team, we leave it in your hands. To your studying in the hope that it provides all the good grades till you’re satisfied!

What are the best revision apps for students?

StudySmarter, GoStudent, Seneca, and GCSEPod are some of the best revision apps for students. They offer different ways of revising any subject, including personal tutors, flashcards, and community engagement through study sets.

What is a revision app?

A revision app is software designed to help you revise what you've learnt in a quick and effective way. These apps usually offer quizzes, flashcards, tests, and exam simulations to guide you through the most important aspects of any subject. Apart from website versions, most are compatible with Android and Apple devices. Check out the number one revision app, StudySmarter.

What is the best revision website?

StudySmarter, BBC Bitesize, MindMeister, and Get Revising are some of the best websites for revising any subject matter. StudySmarter offers both a web app and mobile app (for Android and iOS).

What is the best revision app for A-Levels?

StudySmarter is the best revision app for A-Levels. The learning platform offers study sets (explanations, FAQs, and flashcards) created specifically with your A-Level subjects and exams in mind. All of StudySmarter’s study sets are written by subject-matter experts. You can also create your own study tools and share them with the StudySmarter community and millions of students around the world!