Tutor2u vs StudySmarter: Deciding Your Learning Tool for Grade Success

Diving into the ocean of educational platforms, one might stumble upon Tutor2u. Renowned for its in-depth analysis and plethora of resources, it’s been a go-to for countless students. But wait, what's this buzz about StudySmarter? Could it be leveling the playing field? Let's compare Tutor2u and StudySmarter's features, reviews, and pricing to see which comes out on top as the best free learning resource.

Compare Tutor2u vs StudySmarter to choose the number one free learning app, StudySmarter Magazine

What is Tutor2u?

Tutor2u began in 2002 with brothers Geoff and Jim Riley. Tutor2u is a leading online learning platform that provides classroom resources for key GCSE and A Level subjects. All content corresponds to the national curriculum.

Tutor2u is packed with useful and effective resources that really focus on improving student’s learning journey. Check out the list of their website’s features below:

  • Revision Guides
  • Revision Flashcards
  • Study Notes
  • Quizzes
  • Practice Exam Questions
  • Topic Videos
  • Live revision sessions (which are recorded)

All are just a glimpse of the wide range of support Tutor2u provides. It’s like having your personal tutor at a click’s distance, available 24/7 whenever you need academic guidance.

We offer more, for less. Way less.

Our all-in-one learning platform is completely free. Access teacher-verified explanations, flashcards with spaced repetition,
and a study planner with analytics. At no cost to you.

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Tutor2u Subjects

Tutor2u has partnered with several schools across the UK to provide resources. It allows students and teachers to utilize Tutor2u as a part of their GCSE and A Level curriculum. Schools subscribing to Tutor2u not only offer enriched study material but also provide enhanced extra-curricular support. Here is a list of the subjects Tutor2u delivers effective learning resources for:

  • Business
  • Criminology
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Heath & Social Care
  • History
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Politics
  • Sociology

Tutor2u also provides Continuing Professional Development events and courses, online courses for teachers, and student workshops.

Tutor2u Review Analysis

Tutor2u’s broad range of resources that cover study notes, video lessons, interactive quizzes, sample essays, mock exams, and flashcards are highly beneficial for students.

Numerous students applaud the in-depth study material that helps them gain a thorough understanding of the subjects. They feel the resources are not just limited to rote learning but also focus on making concepts have strong foundations. The specialised video lessons are packed with useful diagrams, real-life examples, and unique teaching methodologies, making learning engaging and enjoyable. The quizzes provide a great platform for students to test their understanding and revise topics. They also appreciate the instalments of glossary terms and flashcards for simpler and more efficient learning.

The recorded live revision sessions and discussion panels are constructive and give insightful feedback on students’ progress.

Most review highlights the user-friendly interface. Students find the Tutor2u environment both inviting and accessible, with resources neatly laid out for straightforward navigation. However, Tutor2u is a bit limited on the number of subjects it covers and could benefit more students if they offered more STEM-based topics. It could also perhaps improve upon its gamification of quizzes and flashcards to make the learning process further engaging for younger students.

Understanding Tutor2u Pricing

Tutor2u offers a variety of subscription options to cater to the different needs of students. Pricing may vary based on the level of resources, the number of subjects you choose, subscription duration, and the amount of personalised support you require. However, let’s note that some of Tutor2u’s resources such as Revision Flashcard Packs, Revision Guides, Practice Exam Papers, and Teaching Resources are not free. 

While a number of their resources are freely available on their website, if you want to study flashcards for 2024 GCSEs you will need to pay between £3.95 to £9.95 depending on the subject, UK exam board, or paper.

For example, if you were studying GCSE Psychology and want to revise an OCR topic it would be £5.95 for a revision pack. Meanwhile, a Practice Exam Paper from 2022 may be between £10 to £30.

If you want to get the edge for your 2024 GCSE or A Level exams then this might be a good option to consider if you are willing to invest in improving your grades!

Tutor2u provides paid resources for the following school levels:

  • Key Stage 3
  • GCSE
  • AS
  • A Levels
  • IB
  • BTEC

StudySmarter: The Free Flashcard App Alternative

Unlike Tutor2u, the StudySmarter app (web and mobile) is COMPLETELY free! There’s no price tag on our flashcards– all of our explanations, study sets, flashcards, study plan, note-taking tool, and textbook solutions are all free. Sounds wonderful, right? You just need to create your account, tell us a bit about you so that we can create a tailored study plan for you, and voila – you’ll officially be a smarter student 🤓.

Check out our posts dedicated to our app and how it works, so we won’t repeat ourselves!

Moreover, StudySmarter also offers study tips and advice for exam revision so you can feel confident in your academic success!

User Experience

Overall, we would say we have a much better user interface and user experience, and our mobile app offers a lot more than Tutor2u. Our blue and green colour theme (if we base this on the psychology of colours) is also meant to be calming and relaxing, which is what you need when you’re stressed with your studies. With StudySmarter, you can also access and create your own study sets so you’ll have everything stored in one place (notes, summaries, explanations, and flashcards).

Here at StudySmarter, we believe that digital education will improve the well-being of our world. We want to shape the future of education by empowering all learners to achieve their educational goals free of charge! That’s why we leverage the power of new technology to bring you a powerful app with features like flashcards, summaries, and quizzes to make studying easier, smarter, and more fun (yes, fun!).

StudySmarter’s Flashcards

Our flashcards feature is something we’re really proud of. With our flashcards (you can browse millions created by other students or create your own), you can assess how confident you are with each one, and we’ll always show you the most relevant flashcards based on your answers to help you learn more effectively. Plus, if you want to create your own flashcards, you’ll have a lot more creative freedom – we have tons of formatting tools, including the ability to draw freehand, change the background colour, and insert equations. You can also import flashcards you may have elsewhere (such as with Quizlet), and you can add hints to your flashcards, too!

Finally, StudySmarter’s flashcard feature also offers spaced repetition to help with your memory retention and optimise how and what you learn! Amazing!

StudySmarter’s Subjects

StudySmarter currently offers StudySmarter Original Study Sets (which come with explanations, FAQs, and flashcards) on the following topics:

  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Combined Science
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Geography
  • History
  • Law
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Social Studies
As you can see, StudySmarter has content on both STEM and humanities subjects, including English Language and Literature. We offer more, for less. Way less. Our all-in-one learning platform is completely free. Access expert-verified explanations, smart flashcards, and a study planner with analytics. At no cost to you. Not now, not ever.

School Level

StudySmarter focuses on high school and college-level subjects, including the A-Level, AP, and University curricula. Also, students can share their own content on our platform, so if you search for your university in the app, you’ll find content specific to your courses and university!

Test Prep

Whereas Tutor2u relies on the UK Curriculum (or countries following a similar curriculum), StudySmarter offers specific exam prep for the US schooling system too. We offer prep for the SATs, ACTs, AP-Level, GCSE, A-Levels, and University.


StudySmarter is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish (with more to come!).

Comparing Tutor2u vs StudySmarter

It’s essential to understand that determining which online tool is ‘better’ largely depends on you, the learner.

Tutor2u is a leading provider of high-quality study materials majorly focused on A Level and GCSE subjects, providing study notes, interactive quizzes, and elaborate videos along with sample exam questions and answers. However, Tutor2u does focus heavily on a limited amount of subjects (such as Business and Psychology). Also, if you really want to get the benefit of all that Tutor2u offers then you will have to consider paying for their Student and Assessment Resources.

StudySmarter, on the other hand, is a learning platform that focuses on adaptive and ai-powered learning strategies, such as spaced repetition and active recall. Studysmarter presents detailed explanations, flashcards, quizzes, and mock exams to help effective learning in a variety of academic fields. All of StudySmarter’s resources are completely free!

The Major Differences between Tutor2u and StudySmarter

When making a choice between Tutor2u and StudySmarter, it’s critical to understand how they differ. Each of these platforms brings its unique set of features to the table that can significantly affect your learning experience. Here’s a table comparing the two apps and what features they offer:

Feature Tutor2u StudySmarter
Flashcards ✅ (Paid only)
Study Notes/ Explanations
Practice Exams
Online Lessons

Remember, it isn’t about which platform is universally better but about which platform better addresses your individual needs and preferences. By acknowledging these differences, and aligning them with your unique learning goals, you’ll be better equipped to make the right choice between Tutor2u and StudySmarter.

In summary, both Tutor2u and StudySmarter have their own fantastic features and learning materials, but if you really want an all-in-one learning platform (with an awesome app) where you can truly take your studies into your own hands, StudySmarter is definitely a great option! We’ve got everything you need to succeed, neatly packed into a powerful app.

All the best for your exams and studies; we’re rooting for you!

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Tutor2u: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tutor2u?

Tutor2u is a UK-based online educational resource that provides study materials, quizzes, and revision notes for students studying Business, Economics, Geography, Psychology, Politics and several other subjects. Its resources are also extensively used by teachers for planning lessons. It primarily covers GCSE, A-level, BTEC, and IB syllabuses. Additionally, Tutor2u organises teacher conferences, student revision workshops, and offers a range of printed resource packs.

Is Tutor2u reliable

Yes, Tutor2u is reliable. It is a widely used platform known for providing comprehensive educational resources and revision materials for A-Level and GCSE subjects. Many educators and students across the UK count on Tutor2u for its quality content, subject matter expertise, and insightful student aids.

Is Tutor2u free to join?

Yes, Tutor2u is free to join. However, some resources, courses, and webinars come at a cost. Despite this, they supply many free revision resources, blogs and quizzes accessible by everyone.

Tutor2u vs StudySmarter?

Tutor2u and StudySmarter both are educational platforms but differ in their approach. Tutor2u provides online courses, revision resources, and study materials, focusing more on business, economics, and politics. On the other hand, StudySmarter is a comprehensive study app that offers smart study aids such as flashcards, mock exams, and personalised study plans for a wide range of subjects. Therefore, the choice between the two depends on your specific study requirements and preferred learning methods.