A  neologism is a new word. Neology is the process of creating new words and phrases through writing or speaking. The process of neology can also involve adopting words that already exist and adapting them to illustrate a different meaning. Making neologisms is also a great way to have fun with language as you need to use your creativity!

Neologism Neologism

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Table of contents
    Frequently Asked Questions about Neologism

     What is neology?

    Neology refers to the process of creating new words and phrases, which then turn into neologisms. Neology also involves adopting words that exist and adapting them to show a different meaning.

    What is an example of a neologism?

    Here are 9 neologism examples:

    • Spider-Man (spider and man)
    • Cap (captain)
    • Copter (helicopter)
    • Flu (influenza)
    • Sci-fi (science fiction)
    • NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
    • Lol (laugh out loud)    
    • ASAP (as soon as possible)
    • CD (compact disc)

    How do you pronounce 'neology' and 'neologism'?

    You pronounce neology: neo-lo-gy. Neologism is pronounced: nee-o-luh-ji-zm. Note that within neologism, the third syllable is not pronounced 'gi' (like the letters 'gi'), but rather like the first syllable in 'gigantic'.

    What is the difference between acronyms and initialisms?

    An acronym is pronounced as a word formed from a set of words or phrases. An initialism has the same rule, but instead, the word is pronounced as individual letters. Both are forms of neology as new words are created which are known as neologisms.

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    True or false? An anacronym is an acronym that is no longer in use.

    True or False? A recursive acronym is an acronym that refers to itself.

    A portmanteau is a ...  (There may be more than one answer).


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