A gerund is a special type of verb form that functions as a noun within a sentence. The name 'gerund' might sound intimidating, but we use gerunds regularly in daily life! Let's define the term and then see how they are used.

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Gerunds Gerunds

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Table of contents
    Frequently Asked Questions about Gerunds

    What is a gerund?

    A gerund is a verb ending in -ing that is used as a noun.

    What is a gerund phrase?

    A gerund phrase is a gerund and any words modifying it in a sentence. 

    Eg. in the sentence 'Eating at a restaurant is a fun activity', 'eating at a restaurant' is a gerund phrase.

    How do you identify a gerund in a sentence?

    First, the word must end in -ing. Second, if the sentence remains grammatically correct when the word is replaced with a noun, then the word is a gerund.

    What is an example of a gerund?

    In the sentence 'Swimming is a good way to exercise', 'swimming' is a gerund (-ing word used as a noun).

    What are the different types of gerunds?

    Gerunds as a


    subject complement 

    direct object

    object complement

    object of a preposition

    object of a possessive

    Test your knowledge with multiple choice flashcards

    Fill in the blanks: In a sentence, gerunds ending in               -ing               act as ____ rather than ____.

    Which of these words cannot be followed by a gerund?

    Identify the type of gerund;'Meditating is amazing'


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